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You must have heard of Xylitol, right?

Did you know that Xylitol is a natural sweetener, good even for diabetics? And that this sweetener, fights the bacteria that churns out plaque / tartar and produces ACID, therefore causing cavities on your teeth?

And did you know that within 1 HOUR after eating, these bacteria starts partying and release their powerful acids to melt the tooth enamel?

So, when you forget your toothbrush at home, what can you do?

Chew on a xylitol candy immediately after eating.  A xylitol gum is a no-no according to your dentist in Makati.  He practices Temporo-Mandibular joint disorder therapy and treatment; repeated chewing is not good for your TMJ health (more on this in another post).

You can opt to carry xylitol mints and candies in your bag wherever you go.

tooth shaped candies in a tooth shaped container. Â Cute, right?
Or you can choose to use a xylitol swab that is also used for babies.


Yes, you heard that right. Best for babies, best for you.  Your dentist in Makati discovered in the recent dentists’ convention another cute and affordable supplement to protect your teeth!

A dental solution especially formulated for children 6 months up to 3 years of age. Xylitol Swab has a high concentration of xylitol that is applied or coated on the tooth surface and gumline of children to inhibit the formation of plaque that causes tooth decay.

You use according to what its name implies.  With clean hands of course.

Immediately after eating, swab a drop or two of this sweet stuff all over the surfaces of your teeth.  Swab it the same way for your kids or baby.  The xylitol will markedly reduce the acid pH (you know this in high school chemistry) in your mouth, ‘starving’ the bacteria and prevent it from making further damage on the enamels of the teeth.  Your baby would greatly benefit from this since they are always drinking milk or snacking every hour or so.  Lowering the chances of the bacteria from producing acid means more time for the teeth to replace its lost mineral components.  Xylitol, with regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste, doubles the protection/strengthening of your and your baby’s teeth.

Other things you may want to know about xylitol:

1. The World Health Organization has rated it as a safe food additive.

2. It is naturally found in the fibers of most fruits and vegetables.

3. It lowers the chance of plaque and tartar build up with regular use.

4. It stops cavities from forming.

Your dentist in Makati highly recommends this for your kids and babies. It’s a must have in your bag especially when families tend to eat out more often these days.  The xylitol swab is available at our clinic in Makati for only P100.00

The xylitol candies however, are out of stock.  Candy monsters have consumed all our stash.