The Makati Lady Dentist

How many Philippine dentists do you think are so passionate about teeth that they marry fellow dentists? *grin* Well, this Makati dentist sure is! Meet my wife, Melody, who is a Makati lady dentist. She and I share our dental clinic in Makati. You can choose from either of us at our Philippine dental clinic: you can pick my steady hand and ridiculous sense of humor, or Mel’s gentle touch and sympathetic ear. (Well, we actually like listening to our patients, but if you’d like to be quiet, that’s okay too.) One thing: Mel is very, very good with children, and the kids who come to our Makati dental clinic almost always pick her. (I pretend it doesn’t hurt my feelings.)

We believe that relationships between doctors and their patients are very important, and at the Catipon Dental Center, you can be sure we care about relationships because, heck, we’re a husband-and-wife team. If you’re looking for a Makati lady dentist, please contact us to schedule an appointment with Mel.

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