Makati dentist testimonials on extraction and denture changes

Prior to my visit to Dr.Jay’s clinic, Ive had trauma in going to the dentist– brought about by my bad experience during dental visits in my childhood. Surprisingly, my visit to Dr.jay’s clinic was a very pleasant one and the price is very reasonable. I am very happy to have found a very good dentist and would not have 2nd thoughts about bringing the rest of my family and friends to him for dental services.Yvonne Jereza, Makati

Doc Jay is more then a great dentist. is really professional and honest. if you have bad teeth, really go to this dentist you will be more then happy. – Stefane, Spain

Dr. J is a really professional, sincere, and honest dentist. Very affordable. He fixed 3 broken front teeth with porcelain crowns, did a bleaching, and will be replacing all my metal fillings to white filling over time. I would and am recommending Dr. J. Better then most Canadian dentists I have had.Jaret Olson, Canada

Testimonials on this Makati dentist’s teeth cleaning services

Dr. Catipon – you can call him Jay – is extremely professional, with a light touch, a steady hand, and a good sense of humor. Little pain is to be felt in this Makati dentist’s chair because he is just soooo funny, and he’ll talk you through to distract you. Excellent, excellent dentist in Makati. Ganns Deen, The Deen Family

Testimonials on teeth whitening about the Makati dentist
I heart my Makati dentist

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