On porcelain crowns

Many Philippine dentists, including Makati dentists like myself, dislike the metal behind most porcelain crowns, and for years, we had to make do with chair-side troubleshooting to make the artificial teeth look more natural. This was because it took too much time to return these crowns to the dental laboratories that manufacture them.

Frankly, I’m terribly happy with the result of my all porcelain crowns because they give an all natural look to my patients’ teeth. At the Catipon Dental Clinic in Makati, we’ve linked up with R2K Dental Laboratory, which is renowned locally for the quality of its high-end E-max¬† services. The quality control of R2K is remarkable, and the crowns are always produced faster. Thanks to the new technologies employed by R2K, our E-max products are stronger, without the need for metal support, and give off fantastic esthetic results.

You know what that means: great smiles on the faces of both client (you) and dentist (me). Ha ha.

If you’d like to know more about the porcelain crown options we can offer you at our Makati dental clinic, click here to contact us.

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